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Bora Bora, Tahiti

July 4, 2017 at 6:48 pm

Arriving to Bora Bora is in itself exciting. First you take a plane to Tahiti then a smaller one to Bora Bora. From there a boat will take you to your resort. As you fly to Bora Bora the view of the water below will take your breath away with water so pure and clear like you’ve never seen before. There are some very luxurious resorts in Bora Bora including Four Seasons, Le Meridien, and InterContinental. These resorts are intent on providing you with the most relaxing experience so that you may enjoy your trip both inside and outside your room. With meals they will also usually provide live local dance shows giving you a taste of Tahiti’s culture.

Of course going for a swim is a must, or else what’s the point of your trip? There’s also snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. Activities ranging from fun to challenging and all can be done with family and loved ones. Outside the resort you’ll find shops where you can rent bikes for an entire day for 18$ so you can explore the island outside your resort. You paddle your way to Bloody Mary’s restaurant and bar which has been attracting some of the world’s VIPs and celebrities since it opened in 1979. It even has a list of all the celebrities that have been to it. You’ll notice several resorts on the motus but the mayor of Bora Bora only gives permissions to resorts on the conditions that they don’t build more than 100 overwater bungalows and that these resorts hire locals.

You can also hit the Nono Tour Teremoana tour company which offers tours that include swimming with sting rays, snorkeling, and even shark feeding. It’s not at every tropical destination that you can feed sharks and swim with sting rays making for a unique experience.

From the moment you see it from your plane you’ll be glad you made the trip to Bora Bora. If you love relaxing by one of the most beautiful views in the world while enjoying the luxury and service of a famous resort then this is for you. If you love going out all day exploring the island then Bora Bora is also for you. Well taken care of and with the mayor ensuring that foreigners don’t deprive locals from finding jobs it seems like Bora Bora can only keep thriving. I sincerely doubt you’ll feel as good about leaving as you did about arriving.